Whose time is it?

Now at thirty I’m convinced that all PKs or even MKs should have access to free Therapy. And mandatory for some. I was thinking a while ago, after a mini emotional break down, that our lives were quite disrupted in during childhood. In a congregation of minimum 50 members life is bound to sneak up on many. Dad can’t come to your play because a members son is in the hospital, your mom can’t tuck you in tonight because she’s consoling a members family tonight.

This wasn’t every day but it did seem to happen when a vacation was planned or some family event was about to take place. Their life events are more important than your spelling bee was our lesson to learn.

Oddly enough I didn’t notice once I started leading in college ministry that I too said no or I can’t make it to many family events. At first it’s understandable and maybe even a little bit proud. Following in the family line of ministry. After a while though things change. They started asking when I was available months out just to have dinner together. Or drop lines like “We don’t ever see you anymore” were more to the point, and rightly so.

When you say Yes to something or someone you are saying No to something or someone else. This is why I believe many marriages and families crumble in ministry, wives as well as husbands begin to feel lonely; and worse their feelings are valid. Anytime Jesus said no or yes, it was whole; there’s no grey area. The woman he encountered at the well, his time was important, who he spent it with was important as well. The words and moments exchanged were theirs, she maybe for the first time felt important. It’s something to remember when you hear yourself say “No, I’m sorry I’m too busy”, whose time are you saying yes to?


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