August 22, 2013

I was working from LaGuardia to Charleston, SC in First Class that day, everyone boarded as normal, wasn’t a full flight, wasn’t too light either. I had gotten all the coats and drinks who wanted them, then a man stumbled (not drunk) came on board, hair uncombed, papers in hand and looked confused as he realized the overhead space was to full for his bag. He dropped his boarding pass in the process so I quickly picked it up to confirm my suspicions; I was correct. It was Bill Murray.

I tried not to fangirl out, and play it cool. As I have realized in meeting other famous people that they just want to be treated normal (well most) and keep a low profile, especially while traveling. Others did notice and asked if that was in deed Mr. Murray they were traveling with. I couldn’t help it; “Yes, sir, it is-and I GET TO SERVE AND TALK TO HIM”. Okay, maybe that last part I didn’t say, but that didn’t keep me from having this goofy grin on my face.

I immediately told my pilots and coworker, who were equally as thrilled, yet tried to play it cool. The flight went typical for leaving New York, 45 minute delay in taxiing for take off. But I was too excited for letting Bill Murray use my red pen for marking his script he read the whole flight.

Right before we landed my coworker asked if would give Bill Murray a letter she wrote asking for a picture because she’s a huge fan yada yada yada. I laughed and said no, I have no problem in you asking him, but I don’t ask for pictures. She said ok, and started to walk toward him and probably 1foot away she backs out and turns to me and asks loudly “What did you say? The time?” I bust out laughing “You chicken”

Once on the ground and at the gate I’ve never witnessed a Captain come out of the Flight Deck so quickly; not to mention The Smoothest landing I’ve ever felt, which I ragged him about in front of Mr. Murray. We never did get a picture, which I now kind of regret, but we did get to speak with him and he is the Coolest guy ever.